deep blue

Deep Blue – It’s just “Us out there”: Full Moon in Pisces September 6

Deep Blue emotions and desires of ourselves and others. Full Moon of the...

eclipse aftermath

Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

It might feel difficult to bring anything into tangible reality, today. Feeling...

the luminaries

This Weekend is Illuminating – What’s Happening?

The luminaries in their 28 day cycle conjunction, for the New Moon. Other Moon...


The Midpoint: Make Your Move – First Quarter Virgo Moon

We’re at the midpoint, between New Moon and Full Moon. The seemingly...

Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon

Hey, diddle diddle! The Cow Jumps Over the New Moon tomorrow, Wednesday morning...

Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the...

Astrotrove Cast 2/2/2017

If you follow mermade-trove on Instagram, you’ll have seen the post: Moon...

4th House