eclipse aftermath

Eclipse Aftermath – Actual Picture of you Post Eclipse

It might feel difficult to bring anything into tangible reality, today. Feeling...

the luminaries

This Weekend is Illuminating – What’s Happening?

The luminaries in their 28 day cycle conjunction, for the New Moon. Other Moon...

subtle adjustments

Subtle Adjustments – Friday July 14

Subtle Adjustments: Regardless of your “sign” (which by the way we...

Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon: You Are All I See May 10 2017 – Mermade Trove

Scorpio Full Moon and the Sun say to each other “you are all I see”. Inner...

“New Venus” – Inferior Conjunction Mar 25 2017

It’s the “New Venus”. Tomorrow 3/25, at 3:16am PST, Venus...

Grand Air Trine Inside Mystic Rectangle

My moon-sister messaged me this morning with a link to the ‘chart of the...

Astrotrove Cast 2/2/2017

If you follow mermade-trove on Instagram, you’ll have seen the post: Moon...





Simplicity is Beauty

Stripping back my birth chart to 1 degree orb.